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Guaranteed Financing

Bring the following along with you or fax ahead to (410) 391-7909.

01 Driver's License

Your Driver's License must have your actual Physical Address or must be accompanied by an MVA issued Change of Address card. ​

02 Phone Number to Verify Employment

Phone numbers must be in service, legitimate working numbers to reach you and your employer.


03 Pay Stubs (representing the last 4 weeks of payment):

- must represent the last 4 weeks of payment (i.e. 2 stubs for bi-weekly payment, 4 stubs for weekly payment).  

- must include your personal information (Name, Address, Salary/hourly rate, tax withheld, etc.).

-MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE EMPLOYER. Illegally generated stubs or stubs that have been created by a source outside of the employer will not be accepted.  

04 Proof of Address:
- must be addressed to you.

- must be mailed to your address (i.e. must match address on your MVA issued Driver's License or Change of Identification Card).

- must be post-marked within the past 3 months

- must not be printed from the internet, photocopied or manipulated

Acceptable forms of proof include a residential lease, Utility bill (BGE, Cable, Phone, etc.) and bank statements.


05 Proof of Insurance:

must match the vehicle being purchased.

All information will be verified.

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